Author: Lydrah Mntrude

Just a complex Gemini ♊


You know I want you,
It’s not a secret I try to hide.
You know you want me,
So don’t keep saying our hands are tied….(vocal)

Want;is when you don’t care much about their flaws,
When you’d overlook every con and transform it into a pro,
Positive positioning the situation I guess would best fit as a phrase for it,
But this heart is not always smart.
I want to think i fancy you but my mind mind is convincing me that I crave you, dilemma.
I have to tell you I woke up this morning with you on my mind,
A deep hunger and desire and only one thought running through my mind,
Fancy or desire.

What if we rewrite the stars,
Say you were meant to be mine.
Nothing could keep us apart,
You’d be the one I was meant to find. (vocal)

Daydreaming, with a smile on my face,
Blissfully lost in the sunnlest of hues,
Carefully, foolishly, happy, oblivious to worries is what I’ve been since I met you.
I want to go back in time and encounter you on my first day
Maybe I would be able to look you in the eyes then.


Diary Entry 27.06

For a moment I thought you were my constant but I guess we can’t really tell how the stars are aligned from down here

It was beautiful, a fantastic moment, a terrific heart-rush from all the currents you circuited

But it was short-lived and now all I do is talk to the moon and the wind about you

Well at least I did before the same wind took you and the memory of you away

Very short-lived indeed!

Lotsa love


WEDNESDAY, 13 2021


I’m here telling myself better late than never while writing this at 3a.m because the new year seems to have served me insomnia. Just kidding though about the insomnia but really it’s 3a.m and actually when I think of it, I might be insomniac.

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Anyways happy new year citizenries, (exactly what I meant when I said better late than never). How’s your year going on? What plans do you have for the year? Any resolutions?(Don’t tell me they’re yours to keep). Have you written them down on your diary or anything? Not that I have…

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When the year was a day old a friend told me that it’s girls who write their resolutions like advertisements. I object though

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With last year’s happenings I don’t know what to expect of this year but let’s hope it won’t be like this one meme I saw.

Maybe these are what we refer to as 3a.m thoughts

Lotsa Love


Love is what you make,
Hearts colliding
Dreams creating illusion of being permanent and,
Lately I’ve been wondering what this love really is?
Is it possible for hearts to just meet and collide?
To meet someone and it’s a just flawless vibe?

My research has been telling me Love is like a chair you want to sit on, the shape of which determines your posture or
Love is more like three crying kids in the back of the car after a bad week at work, when you’ve barely slept for days and you’ve been fighting with your beloved about the same damn thing for the last two weeks, and you have an overwhelming urge to just drop it all and run away because my God this can’t be what the rest of my life will look like!

But you end up coming back home after all.

My comprehension is love means different things at different places, circumstances and situations and maybe, just maybe there’s nothing like bad timing because the heart doesn’t choose when to love and who to love.

Just like any other heart, it’s not like mine has had a choice
See this love, I always say like trust it’s a stalwart word
But I know better what my heart has been feeling, tingly – ticklish feels from his thought and how reluctant he is to give my mind a break,
Thinking of his corky laugh, his sweet words that have grown in me, how he makes me smile without even trying, how my eyes light up from a notification from him,
How love songs feel so soothing to my cochlea these days and what it would feel if it were different.

But somehow I wish this heart had a choice because maybe, just maybe there’s a bad timing to love,
and now I have to keep this feelings bottled like the doodle I made.

Lotsa Love


Staying positive does not mean things will turn out okay. Rather it is knowing that YOU will be okay no matter how things turn out.

Staying positive has got to be everyone’s expectation of them and others over the years. It has become an anthem and mostly in this current century where technology is revolutionised and on far another high level. Social media life encourages you to stay positive always because people you follow are only preaching positivity, so why not follow that? Celebrities you love are talking of positivity on their posts, so why not embrace that? Whenever I log onto my Instagram page eighty percent of the posts I come across while scrolling down are people’s pictures captioned with either positivity quotes or just general positivity nothing complex like it could only be a vibe. Like when they quote “positive vibes only”, “staying positive is the new norm” and the rest. Most of these social media life is a scam. Trust me if I were a public figure or a celebrity this instant I would love people to see that I’ve got all my shit figured out and that goes the same for the people you look up to or you follow on the platforms.

I’m not against staying positive actually it’s a very healthy emotion to incorporate in your daily lifestyle but what you have to understand is you can’t stay positive always. Lost your job?Great! That’s an opportunity to explore your passions. Boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you? Might as well be an opportunity to explore your sex life. Parents disowned you? Might lead to your road to freedom. You see all this positive responses encourage you, they make you feel like it’s okay to have gone through that, I mean it’s not the end of the world after all but the truth is life is not always sunshine and stars sometimes its rains and rainbows. Just because you’re encouraging yourself doesn’t mean its going to be easy, staying positive even when your business is falling is not going to assist bring it up in fact it might frustrate you even more and maybe depression, mild or severe.

A friend asked me of a business I had ventured into and I said it was difficult. I wasn’t lying when I said that. I know he expected me to be all about positivity as he even asked why I ventured into it in the first place and of course he added about being positive. When I was walking into that business I didn’t tell myself it was going to be smooth. Every road has a bump. I knew challenges would be there but also something good would come out of it. If we only took onto things because they are easy we wouldn’t have famous entrepreneurs or lawyers or engineers. We wouldn’t have anything for that matter because the road to any career or success is bumpy. Sometimes you just want to quit school. I mean waking up early, doing exams and stressing over how  your GPA will go about each semester. Who wouldn’t want a stress-free life?

As Mark Manson quotes in his book, sometimes life sucks and the healthiest thing you can do is admit it. People betray us. Businesses fail. School sucks. Things you didn’t expect happen and life is full of shit and that’s okay. He also goes ahead to say, denying negative emotions leads to experiencing deeper and more prolonged negative emotions and to emotional dysfunction. He adds that constant positivity is a form of avoidance, not a valid solution to life’s problems. One important thing I’ve taken from him is that negative emotions are a necessary component of emotional health and to deny negativity is to perpetuate problems rather than solve them.

So it’s okay to not feel positive today or to wake up tomorrow feeling like shit.

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XOXO 🧡 🧡


The day I met you I began to forget a life without you

You taught me how to treasure the parts of myself I felt didn’t deserve love
You taught me to love my flaws ;to embrace them because they are my beauty marks

Now I’m scared of what the future would be like without you in it

Remember to Stay home and stay safe ☺️

Xoxo 😍


Hello my lovely readers,

Saying I missed you will be a great understatement. I’ve missed updating you and throwing all my thoughts in here and as usual you receiving them(very grateful for this by the way) . 2020 has been super crazy and frustrating, far from our expectations but all that matters is we are breathing and this is really important.

Forgive your girl over here. She’s been super lazy and some issues here and there but you know as I always say I’m here now like I never left. Haha

Quarantine has been everything in one. Happy, frustrating, boring, mixed feelings… Blah blah blah. Really it’s just everything

I don’t know how your quarantine been going down. Share with me in the comments ( here). Mine has been nothing interesting just taking selfies mostly (this here is part of my life, lil strange addiction), reading books, sleeping like my life depends on it and other silly stuff you don’t want to know about .

Despite the fact that 2020 has not been fair, my goal has been Happiness Over Everything and I’ve been trying my very best to live it and I can say it’s been working. What has been your every monthly goal this 2020 ? If you don’t have one feel free to share mine. It’s really healthy especially during this pandemic. Being happy will at least take your mind off all that is going on right now. It works for me so I’m hoping it’ll do the same for you

Reminder: IT’LL BE FINE

And I Love you all and appreciate you as always


Times like this you are most likely to get bored. I’m saying this because I’ve been feeling the same although you probably might be feeling different and it’s okay. If you’re an extrovert this might be harder for you and introverts may be tad bit bored but it’s all boredom. To mild introverts and extroverts the situation may just be the same. We may all be in need of an activity to keep our minds and bodies occupied in this Quarantine period.

Here are some of the activities you can do during this quarantine moment:

  1. Read a book: I understand books are not everyone’s friend and this may apply mostly to book lovers. Reading a book will keep you quite busy and your day will probably pass smoothly. I know you have a favorite author, read their books. You can also read books of other authors, maybe authors you’ve never read their books before. Also, you don’t have to get hard-copies, online books are there for you. There are different apps like Google books, Wattpad, Any book, Amazon Kindle and other online book apps you may have.
  2. Do some workouts: You may be asking yourself, ‘what do I need to do this for?’ Workouts are a better way to keep your mind clear and your body active. Try some YouTube tutorials they can be useful to assist in being fit and maybe achieving a goal you wanted to. You can also do them for fun as crazy as it may sound.

3.Try out new recipes: Cooking may not be a thing for everyone like personally I’m not a fan of cooking. But if you love cooking and trying out new things, this might be the ideal time for you to try out new recipes.

  1. Write a bucket list: There are probably some things you wanted to do or you want to do when all this is over. Preparing a bucket list may be the way to go about it. Write down all the activities you want to do after quarantine and some of the things you’d like to accomplish.
  2. Binge watch : I know you have a favorite TV show or a movie that you like watching maybe on Netflix or anywhere else. You can watch numerous episodes each day after reading your book or any other activity.
  3. Learn something new: Make something out of this quarantine period. It might be the ideal time for you to learn something you’ve never tried before like drawing, painting and/or other activities you feel like trying out. You can try out DIY face masks for instance or different hairstyles outdo.
  4. Try out Tik-Tok challenges: This may not sound productive but a little fun never hurt no one. This is a better way to of having fun and staying away from boredom. You might not be a good dancer but really who cares? Tell you what, I succumbed to the Tik-Tok pressure and I’m a very terrible dancer and I’m even too lazy to make a video but it’s fun trying out the challenges as terrible as I am and it’s fun by just watching others do it. Look, what I’m trying to say is, you don’t have to be perfect the goal here is to have fun.

You might be having other ideas of how to keep your quarantine busy and fun. Feel free to share.

Remember to Stay home, keep Safe and be Happy!🌺