Tag: Agony


I’m much of a layabout and all I do is liaise with my pen ✍️ and call it constructive
I come in from a walk and my rounded eyes meet hers
My friend ;my BFF that’s what we call them in this generation
Stupefied but I still force an Hi, which is only riposted by eyes suspended with fury
Disturbed but agitated too,

“Is all well? ”

“Do I look OK! ”

I recognize that voice I can tell it’s not good
“I should have known you were a slut “
I thought I was disturbed but calling me a slut and the face she’s wearing disturbs me to the core
I have thoughts lapsing in my cerebrum
Could she have known that he has been messing around with me?

” After all I’ve done to you this is your way of giving gratitude ? “
I feel the agony in her voice, the rising rage
I loose control of my adrenaline and my tongue outwits my cerebrum

” I didn’t mean to do it Bestie. I wished you no harm but he kept pushing it. “

I know I sounded like a frigging dummy and I could not seek ideal words to express myself
She looked pale with her sad blue eyes
Frigging guilt ran all over my veins
I had been through this before and I knew how it felt to feel all broken
I felt remorse for never telling her he was going through anagapesis
Who was I to held liable ;me or him?

“He’s all yours ” were the last words I heard from her
Fortunately I didn’t enter the blocked list
Maybe she wants me to know that life is even better without me or him
Now all I see is her posted portraits with her new trophy
But why does EGO always come around knocking!
I opened the door for EGO and it took the best of me :made it onerous to lower my pride
It intercepted me from saying the things I was supposed to
Maybe just maybe I’d still have my Best Friend
This is a message to my BFF ;I’d be lying to myself if I said I didn’t miss you
I just wanna let you know I’m SORRY more than words could even express
I don’t want you to come back, I know you wouldn’t even if I wished
I just wanna let you know I’d do anything possible to gather all the pieces I scattered
I’m sorry I couldn’t make the best friend you might have wanted

Maybe I needed a bit of moulding