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You are someone’s favorite flower 🌸”

Heey lovelies 😍,
It’s been so long, your girl here been super lazy and shit 😂. How’s your 2020 going on though? I hope it’s filled with love and hope.

Happy readings on this minute part from my book Heart Chains. Reminder:If you haven’t read it, you can find it on my Wattpad profile @lydrahmntrude

You remind what butterflies feel like with your devilish charms

With your delectable kiss I know what goosebumps feel like

Your cuddles with that spooning position wrecks havoc across my emotions

You ignite the circuits of my highest potential

You know I love y’all and appreciate you the most

XOXO ❣️ ❣️



You are what you listen to

They say good music should be appreciated, and that’s exactly what I try to do every break of dawn, every moment my head’s heavy and my heart’s cold or warm. Whatever the situation even when my world’s tearing apart I still do.

Look, I don’t know what kind of music you love to your ears. I probably will never understand what type of lyrics your ears embrace.

But this is me, I don’t do primitive . I love my music dark, I love my lyrics sensual, I’m in love with music that only caresses my cochlea. I savour music that makes love to my eardrums.

Don’t be so quick to judge. I’m in no need of being painted. I’m no Saint and don’t saints sin too? Yes I listen to arrays of sex songs, hard or not. I listen to love making songs and my love making lyrics are of decorum. I mean my music don’t promote sexual abuse, it does not make you feel deprived of your dignity by the society. No. It appreciates all forms of humanity.

The skies with the moon and stars mean much more to me than the skies with a bright sunshine. The moon makes me dance in ways the sun will never comprehend. To more reasons I love my lyrics dark and depressing. I love my lyrics soaring through my labyrinth threatening to tear its details apart. My ears savour what takes my spirit to a whole new world, where delusions are brought to reality

Is good music really good if it don’t tear your soul apart, if it don’t scatter your feelings all over making you feel like you want to escape reality and if it don’t trigger a ton of emotions?

Is good music really good if it don’t make you feel perfection exists in another world, if it don’t touch your soul in every sensual way, if it don’t make you happy beyond your expectations and if the lyrics don’t intoxicate you?

Is good music really good if it don’t take you to a place of uninterrupted calm and tranquillity?

I mean my ears savour dirt in decorum, darkness in it’s purest form and that makes my music substantial.



Because you deserve happiness and happiness deserves you 🌸

Been quite long. I won’t explain why and about life; It’s quite a lot. I’m here, all that matters.
This, today is more like a life motivation but it’s also poetry to me. Yes I can do motivation 😂.
Enjoy 😍 😍

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror
And you see someone else?

Someone so broken
Someone so vulnerable
Someone so fragile
Someone who has lost every sparkle in life

And you try to smile but it’s a smile that doesn’t touch the brim of your eyes
A sad smile

You feel burdened more than you can hold

And you break down and lose hope of tomorrow

But then you remember you’re still breathing
And decide to bring that smile back

Because at least something good exists

What I’m saying simply is ;
There is more to life than just it’s increasing speed,
do not be tortured by not properly guessing what will make you happy,
stop drowning for people who won’t even get in the damn water for you,
celebrate every tiny victory,
seek more to life than just pain,
use your tears to grow new beginnings,
and always Be thankful

If you feel broken or depressed or anything negative I hope this made you feel better about yourself, about life. You deserve happiness 🌸

See y’all on Thursday
XOXO ❣️ ❣️


The society sometimes is not a bunch of flowers 💐, but a bunch of cactus 🌵
Let’s focus on the flowers, the prickles mean less to us

Let our hub be on roses 🌹 because beautiful is what we are ☺

This is a short poem from my book Heart Chains, actually my most favorite part so far. I know I’ve not been posting lately but bear with my being tied up on other stuff. Anyway if you had a chance to read Heart Chains, feel free to check it out, now on Wattpad

I want to be here all Thursdays fr 😭🌸


I’d have kissed you harder had i known it was a goodbye.

Hello everyone

So here’s an update for you : Lately I’ve been thinking about my posting routine and I thought it would be fantastic if we had a specific day for meeting up here.
I have something for Thursdays and it is my best choice.
So on every Thursday, Be sure to visit my page I’ll have something for y’all. Don’t forget to leave behind your lovely comments.

I also wanna thank you for your continued support and your time. I highly appreciate each one of you. You’re all lovely people. Lol❤️