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Times like this you are most likely to get bored. I’m saying this because I’ve been feeling the same although you probably might be feeling different and it’s okay. If you’re an extrovert this might be harder for you and introverts may be tad bit bored but it’s all boredom. To mild introverts and extroverts the situation may just be the same. We may all be in need of an activity to keep our minds and bodies occupied in this Quarantine period.

Here are some of the activities you can do during this quarantine moment:

  1. Read a book: I understand books are not everyone’s friend and this may apply mostly to book lovers. Reading a book will keep you quite busy and your day will probably pass smoothly. I know you have a favorite author, read their books. You can also read books of other authors, maybe authors you’ve never read their books before. Also, you don’t have to get hard-copies, online books are there for you. There are different apps like Google books, Wattpad, Any book, Amazon Kindle and other online book apps you may have.
  2. Do some workouts: You may be asking yourself, ‘what do I need to do this for?’ Workouts are a better way to keep your mind clear and your body active. Try some YouTube tutorials they can be useful to assist in being fit and maybe achieving a goal you wanted to. You can also do them for fun as crazy as it may sound.

3.Try out new recipes: Cooking may not be a thing for everyone like personally I’m not a fan of cooking. But if you love cooking and trying out new things, this might be the ideal time for you to try out new recipes.

  1. Write a bucket list: There are probably some things you wanted to do or you want to do when all this is over. Preparing a bucket list may be the way to go about it. Write down all the activities you want to do after quarantine and some of the things you’d like to accomplish.
  2. Binge watch : I know you have a favorite TV show or a movie that you like watching maybe on Netflix or anywhere else. You can watch numerous episodes each day after reading your book or any other activity.
  3. Learn something new: Make something out of this quarantine period. It might be the ideal time for you to learn something you’ve never tried before like drawing, painting and/or other activities you feel like trying out. You can try out DIY face masks for instance or different hairstyles outdo.
  4. Try out Tik-Tok challenges: This may not sound productive but a little fun never hurt no one. This is a better way to of having fun and staying away from boredom. You might not be a good dancer but really who cares? Tell you what, I succumbed to the Tik-Tok pressure and I’m a very terrible dancer and I’m even too lazy to make a video but it’s fun trying out the challenges as terrible as I am and it’s fun by just watching others do it. Look, what I’m trying to say is, you don’t have to be perfect the goal here is to have fun.

You might be having other ideas of how to keep your quarantine busy and fun. Feel free to share.

Remember to Stay home, keep Safe and be Happy!🌺