Tag: Depression


She feels lonesome even with a crowd,
In a battle but fighting alone.

Darkness has become her new home,
She has become a perfect place for demons to stay.

Like a small flower living in a potted plant,
full of other plants around her,
they grow higher and higher choking her.
She withers and shrinks into her own self,
until she feels like she’s nothing,
but a wilted being.

Words that describe her :
Broken, lonely , neglected, depressed,
sad, numb, hurt, angry, stressed, pain,
scared, alone, crushed, giving up,
breaking down,hopeless.

The rain has now become her favorite because maybe,
just maybe she can drown in something else,
other than her own depressing thoughts.

In this big world It’s just her and her poetry,
drowning in her own thoughts,
hoping that this pen won’t stop bleeding,
that this words will never stop flowing,
A broken girl who lives to survive in this tragic world.

She has lost desire to shine,
she has forgotten how being alive feels like,
she has forgotten how smiling felt good.

She misses the old her, the happy, goofy her,
the her that found joy in the simplest of things,
the her that found beauty in the stars,
the her that didn’t dread the next day.

She says she’s okay,
she doesn’t seem to care,
But deep down inside,
She’s dying a little more every day.