Tag: Erotic


Short and sweet

Have you any idea how much I think of you..
Visions of mine ;of us
How I crave your hands on me
As you surpass my territories

Have you any idea how I yearn for you
To see myself in your brown eyes
How I want to have you to myself
Endlessly I wish to be with you ;
And love you for a lifetime

Have you any hint how you ignite the inner me
How you draw me like a moth to a flame
How you make my dusks brighter
You make me feel alive all over again

Have you any idea what you bring out of me
Each time we are near each other ;
how my heart races, my pulse fastens
How a single glance between us;
keeps me alive for days

I don’t want to ruin what we share already
But this is my heart in a silver platter