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You know I want you,
It’s not a secret I try to hide.
You know you want me,
So don’t keep saying our hands are tied….(vocal)

Want;is when you don’t care much about their flaws,
When you’d overlook every con and transform it into a pro,
Positive positioning the situation I guess would best fit as a phrase for it,
But this heart is not always smart.
I want to think i fancy you but my mind mind is convincing me that I crave you, dilemma.
I have to tell you I woke up this morning with you on my mind,
A deep hunger and desire and only one thought running through my mind,
Fancy or desire.

What if we rewrite the stars,
Say you were meant to be mine.
Nothing could keep us apart,
You’d be the one I was meant to find. (vocal)

Daydreaming, with a smile on my face,
Blissfully lost in the sunnlest of hues,
Carefully, foolishly, happy, oblivious to worries is what I’ve been since I met you.
I want to go back in time and encounter you on my first day
Maybe I would be able to look you in the eyes then.


Diary Entry 27.06

For a moment I thought you were my constant but I guess we can’t really tell how the stars are aligned from down here

It was beautiful, a fantastic moment, a terrific heart-rush from all the currents you circuited

But it was short-lived and now all I do is talk to the moon and the wind about you

Well at least I did before the same wind took you and the memory of you away

Very short-lived indeed!

Lotsa love



Love is what you make,
Hearts colliding
Dreams creating illusion of being permanent and,
Lately I’ve been wondering what this love really is?
Is it possible for hearts to just meet and collide?
To meet someone and it’s a just flawless vibe?

My research has been telling me Love is like a chair you want to sit on, the shape of which determines your posture or
Love is more like three crying kids in the back of the car after a bad week at work, when you’ve barely slept for days and you’ve been fighting with your beloved about the same damn thing for the last two weeks, and you have an overwhelming urge to just drop it all and run away because my God this can’t be what the rest of my life will look like!

But you end up coming back home after all.

My comprehension is love means different things at different places, circumstances and situations and maybe, just maybe there’s nothing like bad timing because the heart doesn’t choose when to love and who to love.

Just like any other heart, it’s not like mine has had a choice
See this love, I always say like trust it’s a stalwart word
But I know better what my heart has been feeling, tingly – ticklish feels from his thought and how reluctant he is to give my mind a break,
Thinking of his corky laugh, his sweet words that have grown in me, how he makes me smile without even trying, how my eyes light up from a notification from him,
How love songs feel so soothing to my cochlea these days and what it would feel if it were different.

But somehow I wish this heart had a choice because maybe, just maybe there’s a bad timing to love,
and now I have to keep this feelings bottled like the doodle I made.

Lotsa Love


You are someone’s favorite flower 🌸”

Heey lovelies 😍,
It’s been so long, your girl here been super lazy and shit πŸ˜‚. How’s your 2020 going on though? I hope it’s filled with love and hope.

Happy readings on this minute part from my book Heart Chains. Reminder:If you haven’t read it, you can find it on my Wattpad profile @lydrahmntrude

You remind what butterflies feel like with your devilish charms

With your delectable kiss I know what goosebumps feel like

Your cuddles with that spooning position wrecks havoc across my emotions

You ignite the circuits of my highest potential

You know I love y’all and appreciate you the most

XOXO ❣️ ❣️


Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

Hello everyone,
Been a bit long, life has been crazy, lots of challenging and so busy here and there but here I am like I never left πŸ˜‚ hoping to be every other Thursday with you. I’m so glad y’all still here. You mean the world to me 😭 😍.
Anyways I hope you enjoy. Xoxo ❀️

I get angry and say things I don’t give a thought to
Last night I was pissed off and I said things I didn’t like
But I don’t know, how to not fight with you
How not to argue

I know I get caught up in my own little world and sometimes I forget the true meaning of those three little words
But life didn’t come with instructions love, not an excuse
Queens could be psychos too

Sorry is as hard not to be compared to those three little words
But if we loved we must learn how to forgive
Don’t you see? My voice betrayed me!
Don’t you realize? This ego of mine is a nemesis? I’m still fighting to make her porous!
Won’t you accept this apology from my alien phrases!

I don’t wanna be lonely because I know,how being lonely could destroy me
I’m not ready to loose you yet, I won’t be later, tomorrow and ever
I hurt you and so I hurt me
I don’t know how to say sorry, but I apologize

I don’t want to have our memories just written in line
A circle has no ends and that’s how long I wanna hold on to those three little words
These three little words are I LOVE YOU and I wanna say this even past the end of time

See you on Thursday 😍


Inspired by Shania Twain Forever and for Always

In your arms I can still feel the way you want me, when you hold me
With you I feel like I’m in a pleasant weather
When the sky comes falling down I don’t frown because you’re always there to hold me into that tight hug

I appreciate how you came into my life and took away the storm in me
Like the rainbow you took away the clouds in me
Made me shine brighter like the stars twinkling in dark skies
I still don’t understand how you filled the void in me
Because you have completed me

I didn’t wanna miss out on being here With Y’all today being a Thursday though busy. Still working on HEART CHAINS, Kindly check it Heart out now on Wattpad. I love y’all and I appreciate you the most. See you on Thursday. Xoxo ❀️


This is also a part of Heart Chains. Check it out now on Wattpad

Thank you for reminding what butterflies feel like with your devilish charms

With your delectable kiss I know what goosebumps πŸ™ˆ feel like

Your cuddles with that spooning position wrecks havoc across my emotions

You ignite the circuits πŸ’« of my highest potential



The society sometimes is not a bunch of flowers πŸ’, but a bunch of cactus 🌡
Let’s focus on the flowers, the prickles mean less to us

Let our hub be on roses 🌹 because beautiful is what we are ☺


This is a short poem from my book Heart Chains, actually my most favorite part so far. I know I’ve not been posting lately but bear with my being tied up on other stuff. Anyway if you had a chance to read Heart Chains, feel free to check it out, now on Wattpad

I want to be here all Thursdays fr 😭🌸


I don’t believe in love songs
I don’t believe in I’d die without you
I don’t believe in I can’t live without you

But know I love you every day and every night


I’m still learning to catch my breath when you’re around
I’m still learning to think straight when close to you
I’m still learning to avert from those thoughts of you that accord me goosebumps
I’m still learning to catch those butterflies you vouchsafe when you approach me

I’m still learning, I’m a learner for you πŸ˜‚

See you next Thursday. Lol 😍