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WEDNESDAY, 13 2021


I’m here telling myself better late than never while writing this at 3a.m because the new year seems to have served me insomnia. Just kidding though about the insomnia but really it’s 3a.m and actually when I think of it, I might be insomniac.

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Anyways happy new year citizenries, (exactly what I meant when I said better late than never). How’s your year going on? What plans do you have for the year? Any resolutions?(Don’t tell me they’re yours to keep). Have you written them down on your diary or anything? Not that I have…

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When the year was a day old a friend told me that it’s girls who write their resolutions like advertisements. I object though

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With last year’s happenings I don’t know what to expect of this year but let’s hope it won’t be like this one meme I saw.

Maybe these are what we refer to as 3a.m thoughts

Lotsa Love